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"Shonna is one of those rare individuals that you may or may not be fortunate enough to come across throughout your career. As a talent development professional, she is incredibly knowledgeable and creative and develops programs and people to their highest potential."


-Patrick G., Supplier Development Leader

"EWP Coaching helped me address what was holding me back from sharing my value in a more strategic way during interviews.  Shonna challenged me to articulate the experiences that meant the most to me and we developed a plan to get me one step closer to achieving my goals. As a result, I was hired as a Vice President within my company. I also utilize many of the tips she provided in helping connect with colleagues and pitching corporate initiatives.  Coach Shonna is insightful and very intentional about understanding what you want to accomplish and helps you get there with actionable steps.”


-Stef W., DEI Executive

"I felt completely overwhelmed with the process and prospects of reentering the applicant pool. Confidence, how to market myself effectively, a strategy for attacking the tasks, and the waiting game all felt very daunting, and I was discouraged before I even got started. Coach Shonna was calm, reassuring, direct and engaging in our initial consultation. She met me where I was, but she pushed me - gently at times, and more forcefully when I needed it - to keep trying, to think bigger, to be realistic, and most importantly to see myself so that I could better sell myself. I loved the fact that I never felt pressured. The goals were focused on me and my actual needs, not a prescription of tasks. I have come to value this space as an important space for my own self-discovery. Working with EWP has been just as valuable as working with my therapist, and equally worth the investment."


-Dr. Brown, Professor 

"Shonna was key to my leadership development, and I would not be where I am today without her guidance.  Shonna coached me through the entire process; from expressing my interest, the interview process, and the follow up.  She gave me several tips on creating a vision for the team and how to articulate that in the interview, did a mock interview with me, and helped me pull out the key aspects of my career that would be most important to the role I was interviewing for. She took my on-boarding with the team to a completely different level and set me, and the team, up for success."

-Dave G., IS Leader

"I was struggling with finding my why and making effective use of my time within my business. After my initial consultation with Coach Shonna, I knew she had the patience to handle my scrambled thinking. I was able to use the tools from our sessions to get me back in focus and take my business to the next level. Shonna’s ability to understand the core of my situation was a key component in elevating my mindset."


-Dennis R., Business Owner

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